A former couple who set up an independent 2017 fashion summer to rival the likes of ASOS from their bedroom are on course to make millions after attracting legions of celebrity fans. However, success came at a price for the couple who found that running the business together took over their relationship. After splitting, the couple ended up on on such bad terms that the business was thrown into serious jeopardy.

In UK, the formal launch will be held this summer and it will also be based on e-commerce model. However, in future, Zargarpur plans to establish a proper retail set-up and will engineer the modest fashion apparel brand by using the country’s rich culture. The brand’s founder added that, in general, Muslim countries are already spending billions of dollars on apparels and global Islamic fashion cheap Ray Ban sunglass is among top three segments after halal food and Islamic finance.

As the summer of 2017 progressed the site became busier and busier, but it was taking its toll on the couple’s relationship. As their relationship went downhill, the brand was going from strength to strength with celebrities such as Ferne Mcann, Ashley Roberts and Kimberley Wyatt posting about their clothing on Instagram.

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