Take Your Ray Ban Sunglasses For Summer

The summer is coming now, beautify your ankles with Calvin Klein intense power rubber sliders, show off your neckline in an off-the-shoulder Opening Ceremony cotton-poplin top, and dig deep into your luxury brand handbag drawers to find your favourite cheap Ray-Ban Wayfarers, of course, cheap Ray-Ban Aviator and cheap Ray-Ban Clubmaster are good choice, too. Rinse the cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses in lukewarm water, rinsing off any toothpaste from the lens.. Read More

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses

You gotta love when the fickle winds of fashion swing back to the classics. That seems to be happening now with tinted and mirrored aviator-style sunglasses, and while you could spend a boatload of cash for one of Saint Laurent’s or Gucci’s versions, why not stick to the brand that invented the style and slip on a pair of cheap Ray-Bans? These beauties date back to the ‘30s, when this.. Read More